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Music For Funerals Melbourne

Music at Funerals – Piano and Singer, Solo piano or organist, Duet singers and piano

Music plays a very important part in a Funeral Mass or Chapel service . It sets the tone and creates ambience for those in attendance, it helps us to remember the departed for the special and well loved person that they were through the space music provides, allowing us to embrace our memories and emotions, and to gently move through the natural process of grief.

Clara and Anthony have dedicated much of the last 35 years to supporting families with their musical gifts and have been privileged to be a part of this difficult yet important part of life by providing the music for funerals in Melbourne.

Organising a chapel service or funeral mass with Music for Funerals in Melbourne

Through care, understanding, and compassion, Clara and Anthony, through their understanding of the Funeral Mass, Liturgy and their extensive experience, will guide you through choosing fitting hymns and songs. Having worked with most of the Funeral Directors in Melbourne also Priests and Celebrants gives Clara and Anthony a complete understanding of the process and allows them to provide a seamless and professional liturgically correct funeral music for your service or mass in Melbourne in their own unique and personal manner.

Why choose Music for Funerals in Melbourne

Clara and Anthony manage and direct a team of like-minded professional vocalists, pianists and musicians throughout Melbourne who have been handpicked and trained to provide the same care, understanding, compassion, and prayer through song that they’ve become renowned for. Their teams provide music for funerals in both the Funeral Mass and Chapel services throughout Melbourne.

Musicians for Funerals in Melbourne at your mass or service

Thank you for taking the time to consider allowing Music For Funerals to be part of your family’s plans. Call or email us to discuss your Funeral Music needs in Melbourne.