Our Company History

Planning music at a funeral

The story of Music For Funerals starts in 1987 when Clara Abate and Anthony Schiavone were brought together via a need for willing and talented vocalists and musicians within a church setting. They began using their respective talents to enhance liturgy musically and help people engage in prayer through song, and so started their partnership. This led them to being engaged to supply music for funeral services. This became an extension of prayer through song through to creating comfort through music for those grieving. There was a need for a professional, caring and understanding service in Melbourne that focused on the needs of those grieving whilst still adhering to the liturgical requirements and providing a seamless experience for Families, Funeral Directors, Clergy and Celebrants

Songs and Music for Funerals in Melbourne

Since 2001 Music For Funerals has worked with thousands of families and now their clients are the leaders and experts in the funeral industry in Melbourne and across Victoria. They are proud to have a team of dedicated professional vocalist’s and pianists who extend the same care and professionalism Clara and Anthony started over 25 years ago.

Religious Music for Funerals in Melbourne

Music For Funerals aims to at all times, to maintain the upmost levels of service for our Families, Funeral Directors, Clergy and Celebrants and strives at all times to place itself at the forefront of the music sector within the funeral industry in Melbourne. For enquiries please call Music for funerals Melbourne or email from the contact us page